Marmite shortage in major supermarkets divides Britons

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Britons have been warned of a Marmite shortage in the country’s biggest supermarkets, such as Tesco and Morrisons. The iconic spread has sold out completely online on both Sainsbury’s and Ocado websites.

“As pubs and hospitality begin to open up once more, we expect the full range of jars to be back on supermarket shelves over the coming months,” the spokesperson added.

Marmite has always been a controversial product in Britain – and globally with some countries having even banned the product – as people either love it or hate it.

This division has come to a head this week as Britons have taken to social media to either express their anguish or delight at the UK-wide Marmite shortage.

Some people, clearly Marmite lovers, were upset at the news of the dwindling supplies and were frustrated with the only option available in certain supermarkets: the small 250g jars.

One person posted a photo on Twitter of a Tesco own-brand yeast extract spread they had bought. They wrote: “Desperate times. I’m going in.”

Another person said: “There’s a national Marmite shortage? Seriously 2021, we’ve been through enough already.”

Other Britons, clearly Marmite haters, were happy with the news of a Marmite shortage.

One person wrote on Twitter: “The only benefit of closing all the pubs (thus minimal brewery production) is that now there’s a national shortage of Marmite. Get in! Stuff’s f***ing bogging man.”

Another person said: “How can there be a shortage of Marmite, who the hell buys it?”

One person posted a photo of the front page of the Daily Star, who covered the news of the shortage this week, and added the caption: “Finally some good news.”

Another person added: “The Lord moves in mysterious ways.”

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