Martin Lewis shares how Britons can claim free Morrisons pizza kits next week

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He explained: “Morrisons are giving half-term pizza for struggling families. There are 60,000, given out in Scotland this week, England and Wales next week, but not in Northern Ireland I’m afraid.

“It’s enough pizza for two, and by the way, if you want to add to that, if you’re in-store in Morrisons, you can pay a little bit to donate a pizza kit to a struggling family.”

Colleagues working on Morrisons pizza counters will each prepare 30 kits per day which will then be distributed to local schools and community groups to help support families in need via Morrisons Community Champions.

Each kit includes ready to roll pizza dough, tomato sauce, grated cheese and either peppers and sweetcorn or pepperoni and ham, depending on whether families choose the meat or vegetarian option.

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