McDonald’s deal: Offer 99p Big Mac, Quarter Pounder, Chicken Legend and more

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McDonald’s is a favourite of many across the UK. The popular fast food restaurant and its tasty meals are a treat. Now the restaurant is offering a special deal.

The fast-food restaurant chain offers customers a new deal every Monday.

This Monday customers could get a free hot drink and Big Mac for only £1.99 – saving almost £3.

Check each week to see what savings you could make.

The brand is offering free McDonald’s delivery until the end of March. All you need to do is order £5 or more worth of treats from McDonald’s. 

Another launch is causing excitement in Marks & Spencer. 

Marks and Spencer has launched its Easter Egg Hunt Colin the Caterpillar.

After the controversy over the cakes’ appearance for Easter last year, Colin this year is topped with white chocolate eggs.

Last year, fans said the cake looked as if it was for Halloween with a scary looking bunny on the front of it.

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