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From court documents reported by NME, Michael said: “The lyrics, the strings, the chords, everything comes at the moment like a gift that is put right into your head and that’s how I hear it.

“I’ll just sing the bass part into the tape recorder,” before he sung snippets of a melody.

He added: “I’ll take that bass lick and put the chords of the melody over the bass lick and that’s what inspires the melody.”

During this case, which saw songwriter Crystal Cartier take Jackson to court for plagiarism over his song Dangerous, Michael even beat-boxed in court to show how he writes his songs, explaining his writing process.

He explained further how he came to write the song Billie Jean: “Listen, you’re hearing four basses on there, doing four different personalities, and that’s what gives it character, but it takes a lot of work.”

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