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For the second week in a row MLB The Show 21 fans are facing downtime due to scheduled server maintenance. Last week MLB The Show 21 launched on the PS4 and PS5 and – for the very first time – Xbox consoles. Xbox Series X, Xbox Series S and Xbox One players can now play the critically acclaimed baseball series, with the Sony-made title also launching on Xbox Game Pass on Day One.

But following the MLB The Show 21 launch last Tuesday players reported getting an unexpected exception occurred error message, with multiple periods of server maintenance taking place after that.

And, once again, this week has seen server maintenance taking place with MLB The Show 21 going down for maintenance today (Tuesday April 27) at 4am pacific time.

For those in other time zones that’s 7am eastern and 12pm BST.

Announcing the latest round of server maintenance the MLB The Show Twitter posted: “We have server maintenance scheduled for 4 AM PT on 4/27/21. Please complete all games prior to that time. Thank you for you patience.”

The MLB The Show Twitter account also advised gamers on what to do if they continue having issues following the release of a new server update.

The @MLBTheShow profile said this update had helped reduce the amount of unhandled server errors and improved performance overall.

The account said: “Yesterday we deployed a server side update which has decreased the amount of unhandled server exceptions happening and improved overall server stability. If you continue having issues please report them here: http://mlbthe.show/support . Thank you for your continued support.”

While over the weekend the MLB The Show Twitter posted: “Our priority is to improve our server stability and performance. As we continue to work on those issues, we will be extending the Double XP until further notice. Thank you all for your reports and your continued patience.”

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