Morrisons: Supermarket reopens indoor cafés with new menu and updated safety measures

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Morrisons reopened its 406 cafés in England and Wales on April 12, but only for takeaway food. Some offered outdoor seating areas, but not all. From tomorrow, customers will be able to sit inside to eat.

The relaxing of more lockdown rules from tomorrow, May 17, means that English and Welsh restaurants and pubs will allow customers to sit indoors to eat and drink.

Morrisons cafés will be a part of this reopening as shoppers will be permitted to eat meals on site once again.

The supermarket is offering a brand new menu to welcome customers back, which includes fresh products from Morrisons food counters such as fish and bread.

Cafés will also have a separate vegetarian and vegan menu, as well as the inclusion of products from Morrisons’ The Best range.

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The burrito bowl consists of a chilli-non-carne and rice on a soft tortilla, with guacamole, salad leaf, and a fresh lemon wedge, costing £5.95 altogether.

Costing £5.50, the veggie burger comes with a cheese slice, salad leaf, tomato, and Morrisons’ burger sauce, all served in a brioche bun.

Another new addition to the menu is the Afternoon Tea For Two, which features a selection of sandwiches, pork pies, cakes, and fruit scones served with clotted cream, jam, and a pot of Yorkshire Tea.

For more drinks, Morrisons’ 93 barista bars, serving a range of hot and cold drinks, will also be open from tomorrow.

In addition to its new menu items, Morrisons is introducing more coronavirus measures to keep its customers safe from tomorrow.

The supermarket has spent over £16million to update the décor across its hundreds of cafés, improving their look but also ensuring that they are safer for shoppers.

More Perspex screens have been installed in cafés despite the fact that more lockdown rules are expected to ease over the coming weeks.

Supermarket executives are to hold talks with the Government in a bid to put an end to shopping restrictions, such as social distancing and mandatory mask wearing, but Morrisons’ boss has said that adding more safety measures is “the right thing to do”.

From tomorrow, customers at Morrisons cafés will be able to order and pay for their food from their tables via an app.

For those not yet ready to eat indoors, the supermarket has already installed outdoor dining areas at 136 of its cafés across England and Wales.

Ali Lyons, Head of Cafés at Morrisons, commented on the retailer’s reopening of indoor cafés. She said: “We’ve put a lot of effort and investment into welcoming our customers back in a safe environment.

“We are so excited for them to try our brand new menu which is made from Morrisons products and then freshly prepared by our café colleagues.

“Our new ‘Order & Pay’ app will also make it easier for customers to order directly from their booth and have the food delivered straight to their table.”

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