Morrisons Too Good To Go: Mum-of-four shares how she paid £6 for £47 food shop

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Shelly, mum-of-four recently shared her massive food haul and money saving tips with LatestDeals.co.uk. Using the Too Good To Go app, which helps retailers reduce their food waste, the savvy shopper managed to pick up healthy groceries while shopping on a budget.

She said: “The total price would originally have been £21.50 using the offers in-store…However, I only paid £2.60 of my £6.18 for these, saving £18.90 in the process!

“That would have been excellent value in itself, but the bargains didn’t stop there. I also got two large bags of pears, which would have cost £1.49 each originally but I only paid 40p for them. That means I saved £2.58 and got over 2kgs of pears for under 50p.”

Other goodies in the box included grapes, plums, blueberries, lemons and cucumbers.

Shelly went on: “Besides the cucumber there were some other vegetables in the boxes – I got two heads of cauliflower for 40p instead of £1.90, saving £1.50, and two sweetheart cabbages for 40p instead of £1.18, saving 78p.

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“Overall I worked out the total value of this grocery haul would have been £47.05 if I’d paid full price. However, as I only paid £6.18, I saved over £40.”

The working mum-of-four said she managed to freeze a lot of the groceries, to help them last longer.

Too Good To Go goodies tend to be nearing their sell by date, meaning supermarkets can no longer sell them or they haven’t been sold in store yet.

Shelly added: “With the Too Good To Go app, it’s just a case of looking every now and then to see what boxes and bags are on offer.

“Your collection time will be shown and you will need to pick up your bag during this time slot. You can order as many bags as you like, as every purchase goes towards saving food from going to waste.”

The service is available in the majority of Morrisons stores nationwide.

For those heading to a Morrisons store, there are still safety rules in place that customers must adhere to.

This involves still being encouraged to wear a face covering as well as being mindful of other shoppers in store.

Sainsbury’s is still asking customers to shop alone to help reduce the number of people in store at any one time.

Their safety information reads: “Where possible, we ask that you only send one adult per household when you shop with us.

“This will help us manage the number of people in our stores and make your shop quicker and smoother.”

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