M&S: Cake jars including Colin the Caterpillar version are back

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Marks and Spencer has reintroduced its cake jars, including a Colin the Caterpillar version, to stores. The products sold out in April, despite being subject to mixed opinions on social media.

Marks and Spencer’s cake jars come in three delicious flavours, which are Colin the Caterpillar, Raspberry Ripple, and Trillionaire’s.

The Colin the Caterpillar Cake Jar is essentially the retailer’s iconic treat squashed in a single-serving jar.

It is comprised of rich chocolate sponge, Belgian chocolate sauce, chocolate ganache, milk and white chocolate chips, and a Colin the Caterpillar white chocolate face on the top.

The Raspberry Ripple Cake Jar contains layers of madeira sponge, raspberry jam, creamy vanilla buttercream, and freeze-dried raspberry pieces.

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The jars, especially the Colin the Caterpillar version, appeared all over social media and even TikTok.

One TikTok user received more than 500,000 views when she filmed herself trying to locate a Colin the Caterpillar Cake Jar.

After finally finding the product, she called it “hella moist”.

Others took to social media to praise the cake jars too. One Twitter user wrote: “These look lush.”

Another shopper said: “These are essentially offcuts, that’s way too much money.”

Other customers were confused with Marks and Spencer’s choice of packaging.

One person wrote: “I know it says it’s recyclable but let’s be honest, if you’re on a picnic, it’s going straight in the general bin.”

Another shopper tweeted: “Is it a glass jar? Please no more plastic pots.”

Commenting on the new product’s launch last month, Natalie Tate, Lead Product Developer for M&S cakes, said: “These cake jars are absolutely delicious and perfect for picnics, lunches on the go – or pretty much whenever you need a sweet fix.

“Gone are the days of picking a cake to suit all tastes – you can now mix and match to suit everyone.

“Much like an indulgent ice cream tub – there is something about diving straight in with a spoon that make the experience all the more delicious.

“I love the Trillionaire’s, it is the ultimate indulgent, chocolatey caramel goodness – a must try! But of course, all are delicious.”

M&S has not yet announced the news that the cake jars are back in stock on its social media, but the retailer expects the products to sell out just as quickly as in April.

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