M&S re-launches kids’ food planner in time for half-term – feed two children for under £20

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Marks and Spencer‘s kids’ food planner returned to the food retailer’s website yesterday, just in time for the half-term holidays. The planner helps parents to choose healthy meals for their children for a pocket-friendly price.

Some of M&S’ low-price staple foods include milk for only 50p and a ‘Best of Both’ loaf of bread for only 65p.

Other ingredients on the list are a can of chickpeas, bananas, potatoes, tuna, eggs, peanut butter, and low-fat Greek yoghurt, among many more delicious products.

In total, everything costs less than £20.

The planner can be viewed and downloaded from the M&S website, and customers are also encouraged to screenshot it on their phone to make it easier for them while shopping in store.

Thursday’s meal idea is a Mexican feast of tacos, burritos, or fajitas, while the Friday meal plan involves treating yourselves and the kids to some delicious fish and chips.

The half-term meal planner follows on from the success of M&S’ previous meal planners, which was first launched during the UK’s first national lockdown last year, and then again earlier this year in January.

Laura Street, Senior M&S Nutritionist who helped develop the planner, said: “We know that our last kids’ meal planner was received brilliantly by families both receiving the government’s Free School Meal vouchers, and those not on the scheme. The need for continued inspiration, tips and advice is universal among parents who are faced with feeding their kids three meals a day.

“Half Term week is likely to include the additional challenges of keeping the kids entertained at home, so we’ve made as much of the food creation as interactive and entertaining as possible, while still being hinged around great value,” she added.

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