Mum shares simple money saving hack on how she makes £3 food shop last for weeks

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Food shopping can come at a hefty price when there are no deals or discounts available in-store. However, one Mum has shared a nifty trick on how she feeds her family with reduced food items that costs her very little. Sharing onto the money-saving site, the mum of one explained how her way of shopping not only cuts costs but also reduces food waste.

“We were lucky enough to get a box the week before last. It had quite a few potatoes which are still going strong now.”

However a lot of the food that comes in the boxes can either be frozen or be cooked that day which will last longer in the fridge. 

Tom Church, Co-Founder of, said: “The Too Good To Go app is one of my favourite surefire ways to grab a bargain on food.

“Not only can you get these amazing magic boxes of food, stuffed with items you might not necessarily think to buy but that you might love once you try them, but you can also get huge discounts off restaurant food near you.”

The savvy shopper explained how she takes the time to plan each meal which helps with saving money and says that families only need to buy the food they will eat. 

Morrisons is currently the only supermarket who has signed up to the scheme with restaurants, bakeries and hotels all offering the same service.

In other supermarket news, Tesco recently partnered with food sharing app Olio to also offer shoppers free food and drink which would otherwise go to waste.

Even though the food is close to its expiry date, Olio is registered with the Food Standards Agency to ensure that it is still safe to eat when it is collected. 

Olio Co-founder, Tessa Clarke said: “Our partnership with Tesco means that more people than ever before will be able to benefit from access to surplus food. 

“They’ll also be joining our community of neighbours who not only support one another, but also believe that every little counts in the fight against food waste.” 

The app is free to download and then users can request food items from the site which is then delivered to their specified location.

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