New Moon September horoscope: How will the New Moon affect YOU?

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How will tomorrow’s New Moon affect YOU?

Every time there is a Full or New Moon in a year, the Moon will be ‘in’ a different zodiac sign.

Each star sign brings us different energy and will affect us all in a similar way, regardless of our own birth charts.

However, you will feel the moon’s energy more strongly when it is in your zodiac sign, whether it’s full or new.

Kirsty said: “The last new moon in Leo asked you to connect deeply to your heart, your truth, your passions and desires.

“Then along came the Pisces full moon to awaken your soul, surrender all that you no longer need, connect to your deep inner knowing and intuition and bring your dreams into physical reality.”

This New Moon is in Virgo, and Kirsty said its aim is to help you move forward in your life. 

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