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New Mutants fans were ecstatic when they saw the trailer for the more adult take on the X-Men franchise. Marvel and Disney have been toying with the X-Men franchise for some time, following the end of the First Class universe, and indeed the conclusion to the Wolverine (played by Hugh Jackman) timeline.

However tragedy hit when the release date for New Mutants was pushed back.

The flick was originally supposed to be released in February of 2019, before being pushed back to August 2019.

This was once again pushed back to April 2020, leaving fans excited to finally get their eyes on the new film.

Unfortunately, after Fox was bought up by Disney, the film was pushed back yet again to August 28, 2020, with fans hoping it would be the final pushback.

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When the film was announced speculation began regarding when its story would be set.

With a number of timelines in the X-Men universe, it was only natural for fans to become a little confused by the various iterations of the story.

On this, Boone announced: “It takes place present day.”

Although he couldn’t give too many details, he did go on to talk about it a little further.

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