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Nicola Sturgeon humiliated: SNPs independence dreams mocked as ‘uneasy’ future revealed | UK | News

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BBC’s Andrew Marr questioned the Russian ambassador to the UK, Andrei Kelin, on whether the Russian Government was interested in Scotland becoming independent. While on the Andrew Marr show, Mr Kelin laughed at SNP leader Nicola Sturgeon‘s dreams of separating Scotland from the UK. He added, it would be very uneasy for Scotland to become independent and the Russian Government was not concerned with this issue.

Mr Marr said: “What about your interest in Scotland?

“Are you, as a Government, interested in the cause of Scottish nationalism?

“The reason I ask is that there are many people, in this Government, who feel that Russia is enthusiastic about breaking up the UK.”

Mr Kelin replied: “Our interest in Scotland is only one, we are open for business.”

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Mr Kelin then laughed at the idea of Scotland breaking away from the UK and insisted Russia had no interest in the matter. 

He added: “It is an interesting idea, very frankly.

“I do not believe that Scotland will withdraw from the United Kingdom.

“As I understand it, for Scotland it will be very uneasy to leave to be separate from the United Kingdom.”

“I think the Scots might find that unpalatable.”

“The EU would require Scotland to give up their fishing waters.

“This would be something they would have only recently recovered.

“I think that would be unpalatable to the Scottish fishing industry.

“The third thing is they would require Scotland to sign up to the Euro.”

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