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The UKIP founder and Trump-supporter referred to Mr Biden – the main opponent to US President Donald Trump – as ‘Bumbling Biden’. Mr Farage said half-way through the 90-minute debate: “Joe showing first signs of tiredness. Could be a long 45 minutes for him.”

He added: “Trump is superb on law and order. His best part of the debate so far.”

On this topic, Mr Farage blasted Mr Biden’s ‘disgraceful’ comments towards the anti-fascist movement Antifa.

He said: “Antifa is a domestic terrorist organisation. Far from condemning them, Biden says ‘they’re just a idea’.”

Mr Farage also appeared on talk show Real America’s Voice directly after the debate to discuss his thoughts on the landmark event.

On this occasion, Mr Farage offered a more balanced view, conceding Mr Biden has performed well under Mr Trump’s pressure.

He said: “90 minutes when you’re up there, head to head, doing these debates – and I’ve done a few – it’s a lot of pressure.

“I really wondered before the debate whether Joe Biden could survive the 90 minutes, whether he’d just get tired.

“We saw him bumble and stumble a bit half way through but he didn’t fall. And Trump put him under extraordinary pressure.”

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Another said: “Unfortunately, the true loser of this debate is the United States of America.”

This morning’s debate between Mr Biden and Mr Trump was the first of many in the run-up to the presidential election this year.

Two other debates are scheduled to take place closer to the time. The next will be held in Miami, Florida, on October 15.

The final debate will be held a week later on October 22 in Nashville, Tennessee. After that, there will be less than two weeks left before US citizens go to the polls and vote in the next president.

There is also due to be a presidential debate between the nation’s two vice-presidents: Kamala Harris on the Democrats side, and incumbent Mike Pence for the Republicans.

The VP debate is due to take place in Salt Lake City, Utah, on October 7.

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