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North Korea news: Kim Jong-un received £300k in foreign aid from British taxpayer | Politics | News

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Data published this week shows the hermit nation received some £304,000 of foreign aid money according to The Sun. British taxpayers also paid £67.8million to China.

Last year, the foreign aid budget reached £15.2billion with Venezuela under Nicolas Maduro receiving £8million and China £67.8million.

The UK is required by law to spend 0.7 percent of its GDP on overseas aid.

Speaking to The Sun Conservative MP David Morris said: “Sending money to North Korea really will make Brits sit up and think whether the money is being spent wisely.”

A government spokesman commented: “The UK has provided aid to some of the most vulnerable through international charities.

“We do not give funds to the North Korean or Venezuelan governments.”

Ben Harris-Quinney, chairman of the Bow Group think tank, criticised the Government for using taxpayer money to help out other countries as people in the UK suffer amid a health and economic crisis.

Mr Harris-Quinney told “In the five years since the International Development Bill legislation the UK has sent more than £50 billion overseas in international aid.

“For perspective it would take £12.5 billion over the same period of time to eliminate the deficit in social care spending.

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In June, Prime Minister Boris Johnson scrapped the foreign aid department and merged it with the Foreign and Commonwealth Office.

The Prime Minister said at the time: “The UK possesses the third biggest aid budget and diplomatic network in the world.

“We owe it to our people to make the best use of these assets.

“For too long frankly UK overseas aid has been treated as some giant cashpoint in the sky that arrives without any reference to UK interests or to the values the UK wishes to express or the priorities diplomatic political or commercial of the Government of the UK.

“The British taxpayer has a right to expect that we will achieve the maximum value for every pound that we spend.”

Labour leader Sir Keir Starmer denounced the move and said the DfID is one of the “best performing and important departments”.

He said: “Labour created DfID, and I am proud of that.

“Abolishing DfID abolishes Britain’s place in the world.

“The PM should stop these distractions and get on with tackling the health and economic crisis we currently face.”

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