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“It’s hard to see Rafa not winning at least 2-3 more based on how healthy he is right now and how much of a prohibitive favourite he is at Roland Garros so if he punches out to 22-23, Novak has a lot of ground to make up but he seems to be likely to have a longer career.

“He’s a year younger and he tends to be in pretty good health and as long as he can stay away from the operating table and stay focused, I think he can be viable until he’s 40 years old. “

And it’s clear that Djokovic shares the same view as he doesn’t believe the changing of the guard has happened just yet.

“Everyone talks about the new generation coming and taking over us, but realistically that isn’t happening still,” Djokovic said before the Australian Open final.

“We can talk about it all day but with all my respect to the other guys, they still have a lot of work to do.

“I’m not going to stand here and hand it over to them. I’m going to make them work their ass off for that.”

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