Nursery paint colour ideas: What is the best colour to paint your baby’s nursery?

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In third place was purple, with 31 percent of parents decking out their child’s nursery with the colour.

Mr Chambers has no complaints about purple, saying: “A wise and regal colour, purple can be a great choice for something different.

“Combining the fire of the red, with the relaxed nature of blue, it can create a nice balance, or can be tailored towards more energy or more serenity by changing the shade.

“It does have an element of grown up about it, which may take the childish edge off.”

Blue was the fourth most popular colour, with 29 percent of parents painting the nursery’s walls blue.

Mr Chambers said: “A popular colour, blue creates a calming atmosphere that reduces stimulation and helps children to settle.

“It also invokes a sense of the body cooling, which helps when children fall asleep.

“It’s worth being mindful of the tone, too dark can become almost gloomy and uninspiring, but too pale reduces some of the benefits.”

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