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Peperami is a salami sausage snack manufactured in Germany and sold in the UK and Ireland. The snack comes in multiple meaty variants, including pork and beef. Now, the brand is introducing vegetarian options to its range for the first time.

Fans of Peperami’s classic meat stick can also rejoice as the brand plans to launch a vegetarian option soon.

This will be the next product to be introduced to Peperami’s vegetarian range.

Pavan Chandra, Peperami’s marketing manager, said: “It’s something we’re striving for to make plant-based, but we won’t do it until we can get the right product in place.”

It seems that Peperami has changed its tune from mocking vegans and vegeterians to catering for them.

The news comes just after Peperami’s recent rebranding, which it hoped would attract a “mainstream and younger” shopper.

Last month, the brand unveiled a new logo and redesigned its packaging on a number of products.

With more and more Britons changing the way they eat, brands are also changing to meet their needs.

Last month, Richmond Sausages launched its first ever meat-free bacon after seeing an increasing demand for the product.

It was introduced to Tesco, Sainsbury’s, and Waitrose shelves on May 28.

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