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The last Pirates of the Caribbean film to be released was Salazar’s Revenge in 2017. Although the film made a staggering $794 million at the box office, this was markedly less than the $1 billion made with the previous film, On Stranger Tides. Since then, Disney has been quiet about the next Pirates film. Until then, the next big adventure, Jungle Cruise, is due out this summer and star of the film, Dwayne Johnson, has revealed it is heavily inspired by the iconic swashbuckling series. 

Although Jungle Cruise does not have Johnny Depp in it, the pillars of the film have been created to mimic that of Pirates.

Dwayne Johnson plays the daring rogue, while Emily Blunt plays a tougher-than-expected adventurer.

Speaking at a set visit, Johnson revealed the inspiration behind the film, saying: “The movies that truly inspired this movie are Romancing the Stone and, certainly, Pirates of the Caribbean.

“Because we have an opportunity here to make a movie that’s based off an iconic Disney ride that has been beloved for generations and generations and the responsibility of that.”

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Johnson went on: “These movies aren’t made that often. People try, and sometimes they talk about making movies like Romancing the Stone.

“[Jungle Cruise] is that kind of movie – and also certainly what separates this from not only Jumanji, but certainly from anything else I’ve ever done from every other movie out there.” (Via IGN)

Blunt went on to add that Jungle Cruise will certainly be pulling some more aspects of the Pirates films’ formula.

She said the upcoming Disney Plus movie has some “supernatural qualities sprinkled throughout its story”.

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While Jungle Cruise certainly seems exciting, fans of Pirates of the Caribbean and Depp are patiently awaiting the return to the big screen for the original theme park ride movie.

However, it could come without its main star, Depp. The actor’s exit from the series has been long-rumoured since his very public court battle against a British publication last year.

The actor defended himself against claims he was a “wife-beater” – something his ex-wife, Amber Heard, backed up.

In the meantime, Disney have recently revived the Jack Sparrow character in a new way.

Last month Xbox Series X video game Sea of Thieves announced its newest expansion.

Included in this package was Jack Sparrow with the likeness of Johnny Depp.

However, Depp’s voice was not used for the digital version of the character.

The Pirates of the Caribbean films are available on Disney Plus now.

Jungle Cruise hits theatres and Disney Plus with Premier Access on July 30, 2021.


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