Prince Harry heartbreak: Duke shows ‘confusion over where home is’ in address to UK

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The expert explained: “This article written by Harry & Meghan is structured as a written speech or even a lecture rather than in the normal style of comment pieces or editorials.

“Part of that is to do with the abbreviated sentences that often read more as a series of memorable, attributable power- soundbites to be used as quotes, or which might have been existing quotes they have heard or read, like: ‘We hope for a society where we see each other for who we are, where we thank each other for what we do.’

“The other reason is the authoritarian, formal, ‘tell’ tone that is used to make it hard-hitting and full of impact, like: ‘We must commit to…’

“This is a message they are projecting at us, rather than one with a more relaxed, sharing and even chatty or discursive tone.”

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