Princess Anne news: Royal pays tribute to father with sweet military detail on coat

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Princess Anne wore her beautiful pearl earrings to her father’s funeral today, a pair which have been in her collection for her entire adult life. She paired the jewellery with an ankle-length black coat. 

The jewellery piece is also very similar in shape and material to her stalactite brooch, another favourite piece in her collection.

Princess Anne also wore the earrings for her wedding to Timothy Laurence in Scotland, proving they are a special piece for her.

They were later worn at the royal wedding of the Duke and Duchess of Sussex in 2018.

For the funeral, the Princess also wore a double-breasted black ankle-length coat along with a pair of black boots. 

Although she has never served in the military, Anne is an honorary Rear Admiral and is Chief Commandant of Women in the Royal Navy. 

Members of the Royal Family were not in uniform for the funeral, but instead wore medals on their coats.

Prince Philip joined the Royal Navy in 1939 and carried out active military service until 1951, reaching the rank of Commander.

The Queen also wore a very special piece of jewellery as she sat alone in St George’s Chapel.

She wore her stunning Richmond Brooch, one that was inherited from her grandmother, Queen Mary.

It is also one of the largest in her collection and has worn it several times over the years.

The brooch, made by Hunt and Roskell, was given to Mary as a wedding present in 1893 by the town of Richmond. 

Mary’s family, the Tecks, had lived at White Lodge in Richmond Park for more than two decades.

It was just one of the brooches that the current monarch inherited from Mary in 1953.

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