Princess Beatrice body language: ‘Proud’ newlywed drops huge hint in latest video – expert

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Having analysed the clip in which Beatrice addresses the young competition winners, body language expert and author Judi James told “This is an endearing appearance from Beatrice and possibly one of the first time royal fans will have heard her talking to the camera.”

According to Judi, Beatrice makes a special effort to show off her wedding ring.

The analyst said: “Addressing an audience of children she adopts a fun, teasing, but also self-effacing tone when talking about the drawing of her wedding, although the big give-away to her status as a new and very proud bride is the way that she holds the picture to the camera in a grasp that just happens to make a big feature of her wedding and engagement rings.”

Judi claimed Beatrice’s enthusiasm shows she enjoys discussing her wedding day.

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