Princess Diana news: ‘She would have had issues with it’ royal’s friend on ageing

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Today, to coincide with what would have been her 60th birthday a specially commissioned statue is being unveiled in the gardens of Kensington Palace.

“But of course she would have had issues with it, naturally.”

Mary also spoke about Princess Diana’s Vogue cover and how she met the royal on the shoot. 

“I remember the first time I met her with Patrick Demarchelier and Sam McKnight when we did a Vogue cover in 1991, which is now incredibly famous,” she said.

“And she came into the studio, we weren’t told who was coming into the studio.

“She was full of life and joy and when she arrived.

“I promise you it was like just anybody had just walked in, someone really natural, and charming and delightful.

“Forget all the curtseying and whatever, she sat down in the chair and let us all do whatever we wanted to her.”

In a small ceremony today the Diana statue, which is top secret for now, will be unveiled.

Princess Diana’s youngest son, Prince Harry, has flown back to the UK from his California home amid his reported rift with other royals, including his brother William.

An expert has claimed “dazzling” Harry is back

He appeared at the WellChild Awards yesterday in a surprise appearance before today’s Princess Diana statue unveiling.

Judi James told “He launched the familiar ‘dazzling’ version of Harry that fans have been missing, meeting winners and celebrities with the same levels of animated fun, clearly picking his moments in terms of when to create contagious smiles and when to use active listening signals to register empathy and concern.”

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