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With previous GAME restocks a queue went live during this time which players have to get in if they want to purchase a PS5.

In a recent update the @PS5Instant Twitter wrote: “GAME #ps5restock 7-9th (9-10am) – delay due to Xbox”.

This update came after the PS5 stock tracker account explained why the latest GAME restock had been delayed.

The PS5 Instant Twitter said: “GAME slight delay due to fact #XboxSeriesX & #PS5stock shipments came roughly the same time (#PS5 arrived early)”.

While the delay is bad news for anyone hoping to get a PS5 order in as early as they can, there is a silver lining.

@PS5Instant said the next GAME restock should compromise of over 12,000 consoles, with two thirds of this being Disc systems.

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