Queen Elizabeth: Monarch wears snowflake brooch for talk with Canadians

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Her Majesty spoke to members of the branch via video link to hear about their duties, life, and challenges. Since the Queen was meeting with Canadian citizens, the royal wore an appropriate snowflake-inspired brooch featuring jewels found in Canada in 2002.

While today is Armed Forces Day in Britain, where Britons celebrate the work of the whole Armed Forces community, yesterday was an important day for the Canadian Armed Forces.

The forces’ Legal Brach celebrated its 100th anniversary.

The branch provides advice and support to the Canadian Forces and the National Defence, both at home and overseas on deployment.

As Colonel-in-Chief, Her Majesty presented branch members with a Royal Banner, and also spoke to them about their work.

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Made by Canadian firm Hillberg and Berk, the snowflake brooch was designed as a companion to another of Her Majesty’s valuable brooches: the Diamond Maple Leaf Brooch.

Both brooches represent Canada, but they also symbolise the natural world.

The Queen has many brooches in the shape of flora and fauna, including the New Zealand Silver Fern brooch and the Australian Wattle brooch.

Her Majesty wore the Canadian Snowflake brooch for the first time publicly in July 2018, during an audience with King Philippe and Queen Mathilde of Belgium at Windsor Castle.

The Canadian brooch features diamonds and pale blue sapphires set in a shape similar to a snowflake.

However, the jewel is merely inspired by its shape since real snowflakes have a six-fold symmetry, and the brooch does not.

The sapphires surround a large diamond at the centre of the brooch.

These pale blue gems were discovered in 2002 on Baffin Island, Canada’s largest island, by brothers Seemeega and Nowdluk Aqpik.

As well as the brooch, Her Majesty accessorised her turquoise dress with three strings of pearls.

The Queen is rarely seen without her pearls, which were given to her by her beloved father before he died in 1952.

Many royal fans were quick to comment on Twitter how “wonderful” the monarch looked.

One person wrote: “Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II, I am so happy and proud how wonderful and awesome you look.”

Another person simply commented: “Wonderful!!”

One person wrote: “Nice to see Her Majesty smile! A wonderful representative for our country.”

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