Royal Recipes: Chef shares Queen Elizabeth’s delicious hearty steak recipe – cooking tips

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The Royal Family follow many traditions, including the meals and foods they eat. Speaking on BBC’s Royal Recipes, expert Anna Haugh shared a hearty steak recipe that the royals are said to have had on several occasions.


For the steak:

– Venison 

– Oil 

– Pinch of salt 

– Pinch of pepper

– Thyme

– Crushed garlic

– Butter

For the sauce: 

– Shallots peeled and finely chopped

– Juniper berries crushed

– Garlic

– Thyme 

– Madeira wine 

– Chicken and beef stock

– Cream

Once the frying pan is hot, add some oil into it and place the steak into it along with the thyme and a clove of crushed garlic.

Michael asked: “So the trick here is to kind of seal it?”

The chef answered: “So you’re trying to caramelise the meat so if you have poached venison, which is actually delicious, and caramelised vension right beside each other, they should taste completely different because it’s two different methods of cooking.

“What we’re trying to do is just bring out that gorgeous caramelised meat flavour.”

Once it is golden brown, turn it over to sear the other side of the steak.

Then add the butter and once melted, spoon it on top of the steak constantly to base it.

Then it is time to start making the sauce and start by sweating down some shallots, garlic along with thyme and the juniper berries.

Add a splash of wine as well as the beef and chicken stock to give it a little more flavour. 

Take the steak off the hob and leave it on the side to rest for around 10 minutes.

After, strain the sauce into a sieve to remove the juniper berries and thyme.

Dice some remaining juniper berries and add into the sauce. 

Stir in a little drop of cream after adding it back on the hob to heat it up.

Anna then plated some vegetables up onto a place and placed the venison along with the sauce on top.

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