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As part of their duty as Royal Family members, the children of Royals must be prepared to travel globally from the day they are born. Though normally newborn babies are not expected to fly around the world, it seems things are different for the Royals.

These rules will then be followed when they are flown around the world with their parents on Royal visits.

In many cases, though, the Royal children embarked on Royal Tours before they could even walk.

Such was the case for little Prince George.

In April 2014, aged just nine months old, Prince George jetted off on a royal tour of New Zealand with his parents.

It is well reported that Kate is a photography lover, having snapped numerous photographs over the years which have been shared on the Kensington Royal Instagram, and with the media.

She reportedly takes a camera with her wherever they travel to capture special memories.

In her 2013 book Kate: A Biography, Ms Moody said the stylish royal often carries her beloved Canon camera.

Writing about Kate’s first-ever royal tour with William, to Canada in June 2011, Moody wrote in her book: “Since she has always been a keen photographer, she took her own Canon camera to snap some personal images.”

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