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Russia report claims Moscow ‘tried to meddle in Scot independence vote’…but not Brexit | UK | News

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Boris Johnson will hear tomorrow how the Kremlin tried to meddle in British politics following the release of the report from the Intelligence and Security Committee (ISC). Although the 50-page report did not state Russia had interfered in Brexit, it will reveal there were attempts to divide the UK in 2014. According to the bombshell document, there is a “credible open-source commentary that Russia undertook to influence the campaign on Scottish independence”. 

They also allege Russia to have undertaken the first post-Soviet interference in western poltics according to The Daily Telegraph. 

The document was completed last December but was delayed amid the delay to elect new members to the ISC. 

In the vote, 55 percent to 45 percent decided to remain part of the UK. 

On its release, the ICS’ document will criticise previous Governments for being too lenient on Moscow. 

One source said: “The report will say that the desire by successive governments to tackle terrorism and a desire to have favourable relations with a better-behaving post-Soviet Russia failed to reflect that things changed dramatically under Putin.

“That criticism will be made forcefully. The report will also call on authorities to ‘follow the money’.

“There are recommendations around the enablers and fixers.

“London has been a haven for dodgy Russian money and a lot of people in the UK have helped make that happen.

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He also claimed it was now vital for regimes alleged actions to be illustrated to the world. 

He told Sky News: “First of all we’ve seen this as part of a wider systematic approach to cyber taken by Russia.

“And at the time that the world is coming together to try and tackle COVID-19, particularly come up with a global solution for a vaccine, I think it’s outrageous and reprehensible that the Russian Government is engaged in this activity.

“So what we’re doing with our allies is making sure people know, making sure the organisations know so that they can better defend against it, but also just calling Russia out, we will do this.

“Now you will see us holding Russia to account and making sure that the world knows the nature of the reprehensible behaviour that they’re engaged in.”

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