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Ryanair boss Michael O’Leary has described the NHS track and trace app as “complete nonsense” with more than one million Britons expected to be self-isolating as a result of being “pinged” by track and trace. The airline boss has warned the app could cause ongoing “disruption” for airlines and passengers.

“60 percent of the adults in the UK are fully vaccinated.

“We see at the airport, particularly with the handling companies, some of our cabin crew getting pinged.

“It’s very difficult not to arrive at an airport like Heathrow, Stansted or Gatwick and not be close to someone who may have it.

“So, there’s apps pinging all over the place.”

Instead, Mr O’Leary said the nation has “to get back to some normality”.

“This is the whole nonsense of zero covid,” he continued.

“People get the flu every year. There will be some people but the numbers are tiny for the people who are double jabbed who can get Covid.

“And as the health secretary demonstrates, they don’t get a serious dose of Covid, they don’t end up in hospital and they’re not at risk of dying.

“I think that’s the evidence war looking for as we unwind these restrictions. We need some common sense.”

Part of this common sense, says Mr O’Leary, is the continued use of face masks on board public transport and in transport hubs.

“I still think where transport is involved thee should be more mask-wearing,” he said.

“I think it was irresponsible to say that everybody can dispense of their masks.

“I think that most people will still want to wear masks and I think that is sensible and responsible.”

Ryanair maintains that passengers must wear a face mask when onboard aircraft and at airports.

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