Sainsbury’s launches brand-new Kopparberg flavour – in stores today

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Sainsbury’s is the only supermarket to launch Kopparberg’s new cider flavour. Fans of the refreshing drink will today be able to try the Swedish company’s latest fruity flavour.

The Swedish cider company said it wanted to a Passionfruit & Orange cider flavour following the “successful” launch of its gin of the same flavour last year.

Kopparberg’s Passionfruit & Orange Gin is available at most UK supermarkets, including Tesco, Morrisons, and Asda.

However, when it was first launched in May 2020, the gin was on sale only at Tesco stores.

The Passionfruit & Orange Gin costs £20 for a bottle.

Last year, Kopparberg also launched its own low-calorie range of Hard Seltzers.

A Hard Seltzer is a low-calorie alcoholic drink, typically made with carbonated water, alcohol, and fruit flavouring.

The range is available in three bold and fruity flavours: Mixed Berries, Black Cherry and Passionfruit.

Kopparberg has many fruit flavoured alcoholic drinks to choose from, and now Passionfruit & Orange cider is added to that delicious list.

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