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The Washhouse in Shudehill, is one of many trendy locations that’s caught the attention of city dwellers thanks to it’s uncanny resemblance to a real dry cleaners. Locals have even been so convinced of the narrow-looking facility’s appearance close to The Arndale Centre – that they have actually turned up to their weekly wash.

Leave your dirty laundry at home and step through the washing machine-shaped door to find a modern-day bar with laundry themed touches surrounded in low mood lighting.

Once inside, pay no attention to the man pretending to wait for his spin cycle to end, head for the 1970’s phone and tell the operator that you have some clothes to clean.

The owners have gone all out to create an air of mystery about this secretive drinking spot, you’ll soon get suspicious if you spot a well-dressed crowd heading towards this themed bar.

For those hoping for a glimpse of the menu before you arrive, you can’t. The website also plays along with The Washhouse’s Secret nature, but some snaps have been spotted across social media.

Cocktails, ranging from the classic to the experimental, as well as spirits, beers and champagne are all served at table, to a soundtrack of dirty deep house.

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