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SNP news: Ian Blackford furious as Tory MPs groan at ‘chlorinated chicken’ Brexit claim | Politics | News

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The SNP’s Westminster leader was heckled following a furious rant in the House of Commons. Ian Blackford stated that standards in Scotland could drop regarding animal welfare, food safety and environment protection following the end of the post-Brexit transition period with the European Union.  

“This law is a Tory invitation for chlorinated chicken and hormone injected beef in our supermarkets.

“We can hear the guffawing from the Conservative benches but yesterday morning on Politics Scotland the Treasury Minister more or less admitted that they could not stop chlorinated chicken coming into the United Kingdom.

“Go and check the tapes.” 

His comments sparked groans from Tories in the Commons as they dismissed the claims from the SNP Westminster leader.

During an interview with, the Scottish Conservative Councillor for Cupar Tony Miklinski hit out at the current state of Scotland’s economy and hightlighted the struggles Nicola Sturgeon would face trying to join the EU. 

“If they did, they would impose strict and severe constraints on how the economy would have to be handled.

“That would mean closing the deficit gap and that can only be done through increased taxation, cutting spending or massive borrowing.”

Mr Miklinski added: “By the way, the SNP talk about give us the powers and we can do this for ourselves for example the UK’s support from the pandemic, of course that is not true.

“There is no way that a Scottish economy which does not really exist in isolation because it is supported by Westminster, would be given rates anywhere as good as the UK Government can negotiate.

“Basically better together means it, we are better as a union with the strengths of the UK meshing with what we offer.”  

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