Starbucks summer menu 2021: Coffee chain launch new Frappuccino and treats

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Starbucks often releases new menu items each season of the year as well as on special occasions. This year, the summer menu is looking delicious with the launch of some tasty Frappuccinos as well as a variety of sweet treats including brownies and blondies.

Priced from £3.65, the drink has sunflower seed chocolate caramel brittle, blended with coffee, cold milk and ice, topped with coffee whipped cream and a sprinkling of chocolate caramel crumb.

Frappuccino’s are some of Starbucks’ most popular menu items and there isn’t just one launching this summer.

The Caramel Brownie Cream Frappuccino Blended Beverage consists of luxury caramel brownie brûlée blended with milk and ice before topped with coffee whipped cream and chocolate brownie. 

Taking to Twitter to share their thoughts on the new drinks, one person said: “Starbucks get better each year with their menus, and it’s the best one yet!”

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Another said: “The caramel Frappuccino sounds insane, I need to try!”

A third wrote: “I love the sound of the trio of treats.”

For those who fancy something a little more refreshing, two new iced teas are hitting the menu.

Both lemon and peach will be available for customers in just one weeks time.

For sweet treats, customers can pick up an iced raspberry swirl for £2.29 or a strawberry and cream cake from £1.85.

Strawberry and white chocolate shortbread is also on the menu as well as a delicious-looking raspberry blondie.

A trio of treats is also available for those who just can’t pick a favourite.

What’s more, there is also a coconut and lime plant-based cake on the menu with prices from £2.09.

Prices do tend to vary between different stores dependent on location.

Customers can find their nearest Starbucks online using the store locator. 

In other food news, McDonald’s is removing five popular food items from its menu next week.

These items include three burgers and two McFlurry’s.

The burgers to be axed are the Big Tasty, the Big Tasty with bacon, and the Chicken BBQ Smokehouse Burger.

The McFlurry’s to be removed from the menu are the Cadbury Crème Egg and the Cadbury Caramel flavours.

All five items were on the McDonald’s menu temporarily, after being reintroduced at the end of March.

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