Tesco: Supermarket launches first ever UK seedless lemons

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Thanks to the discovery of a natural mutation, UK supermarkets will now be able to sell seedless lemons for the first time. Tesco is the first food retailer to introduce the fruit to its shelves.

Tesco is able to sell seedless lemons thanks to a chance discovery of a natural mutation.

There was no need for cross-breeding or genetic modification by boffins.

Seedless lemons were first found in Australia and are now being grown in both South Africa and Spain, meaning that the UK should be able to easily receive a year-round supply from those countries.

The lemons were first trialled in Tesco stores more than a decade ago, but customers still found pips in the products.


Now, it is guaranteed that the seedless lemons will contain no pips at all.

Emily Ridge, Citrus Buyer at Tesco, said: “At last, customers will no longer have to spend extra time picking out the pips after squeezing lemon on a wonderful meal or drink.

“Seedless lemons were first trialled about 15 years ago, but until now, they couldn’t be guaranteed to be completely pip free.”

The lemons were introduced to Tesco stores on Friday, May 21.

Last week, a message was sent to Tesco staff to inform them that Metro stores will soon be scrapped.

It said: “Over the last few years, we have seen our customers’ shopping habits change and we have taken the decision to re-brand all of our Metro stores to better reflect this.

“Our Metro format was originally designed for larger, weekly shops, but today nearly 70% of customers use them as convenience stores, buying food for that day.”

The message continued: “To ensure our offer continues to serve the needs of our customers, 89 of our Metro stores will re-brand to Tesco Express.

“The remaining 58 Metro stores will have their Metro signage removed and be referred to as Tesco Superstores.

“These stores will receive new fascias over the coming months but will continue to trade normally.”

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