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“They stayed for the evening to listen to The Stones, who at the time were playing blues covers, by which time The Beatles were writing their own stuff.

“And The Beatles went off to The Stones’ dreadful, horrible apartments in 102 Edith Grove in Chelsea, and they partied until four o’clock in the morning…

“Six days later, The Beatles were playing the Royal Albert Hall for the first time and they invited The Stones as their guest, and Brian Jones was helping The Beatles’ roadies to take the gear out with all the screaming Beatles fans there.”

The Beatles spoke of this meeting, as has Sir Mick Jagger, with Sir Paul McCartney saying in the Beatles anthology: “Mick tells the tale of seeing us there with long suede coats that we’d picked up in Hamburg, coats that no one could get in England.

“He thought, ‘Right – I want to be in the music business; I want one of those coats.’”

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