Tom Kerridge news: New restaurant Bad Vegan sparks fury

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The acclaimed TV chef’s new restaurant has been hugely criticised for not serving vegan meals.

However, the restaurant sparked vegans’ fury who said the name is “misleading”.

They claimed it’s missed the mark on the environmental and welfare issues of animal products.

Followers of the meat and dairy-free diet accused Kerridge’s fast-food joint of “clinging” to veganism’s success and criticized its marketing.

Faye Lewis, Head of Communications at vegan charity Viva!, commented on the matter.


“What’s worst is they’re capitalizing on the popularity of veganism while perpetuating the same tired old myths such as ‘judgemental’ vegan stereotypes.”

The group explained that Bad Vegan is not a vegan restaurant and that its message is “at best confusing”.

Its mission statement is to “introduce and sustain a greater level of plant-based vegan foods into people’s diets, whilst not alienating non-vegans”.

Fay Lewis continued: “They’re a restaurant aimed at meat reducers – so, say that.

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“[But] their messaging actually hurts the vegan movement to claim to be radical while having non-vegan sides and toppings.”

Some of Bad Vegan’s dishes include a beef brisket topping for the house signature Taternator, smoked bacon salted fries and a flatbread topped with spicy nduja sausage.

Vegan restaurants are becoming very popular in the UK.

However, according to Plant Based News, only 1.16 percent of UK adults follow a completely plant-based diet.

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