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Professor Hayward told BBC Radio 4’s Today programme: “I suspect what we may end up with is some sort of traffic light system with some countries that are no-go areas, for example, likely to be South Africa and South America; other areas where there will be more severe restrictions, there will be some combination of vaccine certificates, testing and maybe quarantine, and maybe there will be some low-risk countries that you can go.”

Currently, a government task force is examining how international travel could work and is due to report to Mr Johnson on April 12.

This could include things like vaccine passports, Covid testing before and after travel and even quarantining on return.

A traffic light system would also give Britons the chance to see how a certain country is doing in terms of coronavirus cases, vaccinations and infectivity before booking a trip.

The task force assessing international travel is made up of civil servants and industry executives, and their report will outline how and when overseas travel can resume.

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