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Trump news: US President claims election polls favouring Joe Biden are ‘fake’ | World | News

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Trump labelled a number of polls of the US presidential election “fake” after a poll by ABC News/Washington Post revealed Joe Biden was ahead in the run-up to the US general election.

The election will take place this November and polls have shown that Mr Biden is favoured in the polls on a number of key issues.

On the subject of handing the coronavirus pandemic, the poll showed Mr Biden was ahead of Mr Trump by two percentage points back in March this year – 45 to 43 percent.

But the most recent figures indicate Mr Biden’s lead has soared to a 20-point margin – 54 to 34 percent – on the same issue since.

The Democrat nominee also leads the president by nine points on handling crime and safety, and a huge 25 points – 58 to 33 percent – on race relations.

In an interview with Fox News, Mr Trump denied he was losing in the run-up to the election.

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Mr Trump added: “I don’t like to lose,” and repeated assertions mail-in voting would “rig” the election.

He also used the interview to attack Mr Biden, calling the 77-year-old “mentally shot”.

The president said: “You know why I won’t lose? Because the country, in the end, they’re not going to have a man who’s shot. He’s mentally shot.”

Mr Trump did not confirm whether or not he would accept the result of the 2020 election if it did not come out in his favour.

Mr Trump said: “I’ll have to see. I’m not gonna just say yes, I’m not gonna just say no.”

The president went on to claim his “enthusiasm numbers” were much higher than Mr Biden’s.

Mr Trump said: “There’s a number you don’t mention; it’s called the enthusiasm number. The enthusiasm for Trump is through the roof.
“The enthusiasm for Biden is non-existent.”

This is something Mr Trump’s campaign has mentioned before, with the Washington Post reporting the enthusiasm number refers to how strongly each nominee is backed by their own party.

The president’s campaign manager Brad Parscale wrote at the start of this month: “When it comes to the most important factor, enthusiasm, president Trump is dominating.”

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