Vaccine passports: EU jab passport ‘useless’ – will not save ‘another lost summer’ | Travel News | Travel

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“People don’t want to travel around Europe yet, they are scared. People are still afraid as it is all very recent and I really don’t see them looking forward to travelling internationally.”

He said that “the app will certainly help in the future” but this will be “another lost summer.”

“In terms of the tourism sector in Spain, this summer is going to be different, atypical,” said the travel agent.

“Last year was a disaster, for sure, and probably this year will be a bit better but Spain relies a lot on British tourism, and the UK has said that for now, Spain is not a safe country.

“I have been speaking with people in Benidorm that were complaining about their situation. If Britons don’t go to Benidorm, the city is empty,” Xavi explained.

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