What is the Chinese New Year animal for 2021?

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The Ox part of year’s name suggests that we’re all going to be working on our careers and what we are good at.

Marites said: “Ox, in general, is very hardworking, dependable, talented, and resilient as an animal sign- this is their trait.

“So for the most part, the traits of Ox are things anyone would like to keep in mind for themselves during this year (no matter which sign they are).

“Those born in the year of the Ox are generally known to be traditional and conservative.

“They may be slow to act but are very persistent and hardworking, such that once they have made certain decisions, they will work their way through despite any difficulties. And given their unquestionable will power, they may be expected to always achieve their goals.

“The Metal Ox in particular oozes with confidence and is strong-willed. This Ox is quite frank and may not always care about what others think or feel. But one good thing about this Ox type is that they will always deliver on what they promise to others.

“Although not very social in nature, they keep a circle of loyal friends who are always ready to help during difficult times. The metal element represents firmness, resistance, and clear thoughts. In relation to human nature, this symbolizes inner strength and discipline.”

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