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However, the Government also revealed leisure travel to amber and red list countries is not advised.

This means all other countries around the world, including the majority of Europe – with the exception of Portugal – is off limits.

Many holiday-starved Britons are already desperate to know when these rules will be reviewed and when more countries might be added to the green list.

One Twitter user wrote: “When is the next Government review of the travel list? Travelling to Spain in July. Please. #Travel #Spain”.

Another added: “Did they say how frequently they’d review the travel lists? Turkey’s on the red list but looking at their data, the lockdown plus vaccine drive seems to be having the desired effect on cases, just need deaths to flatten too. Should at least be Amber by August, no?”

Another wrote: “Disappointed that USA is not on the U.K. green list for travel without quarantine yet, hopefully it’ll be included in the 3 weeks review and then we will just have to wait on USA allowing us entry and then hopefully I’ll be able to plan a trip for my birthday.”

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